Arts and Sciences

Bardic Activities

Lady Ælfgyve has organised Bardic activities for the day. In medieval times, entertainers had to earn patronage in order to make a living. Sooo . . . Ramshaven’s WASSAIL! will feature a BARDIC PATRONAGE CHALLENGE!

Like a bean count, upon arriving everyone will receive beans which they can use to hire bards for a performance throughout the event. Wages, repertoire and timing can be negotiated between the patron and the bard. Alternately, bards may perform for a group in hopes that potential patrons will like it enough to pay them.

The bard with the most beans at the end of the event will win a PRIZE, so bring your repertoire, bring your game plan, and bring your ears to support other bards.

After feast there will be a carol sing with traditional winter holiday and Christmas songs.


Space is available for any and all teachers. Research your persona's holiday traditions and share your findings with us. Class format is at the discretion of the teacher.