Food and Drink


Lunch will be available from 12pm. $5 per person.


Choice of Pulled Pork Sandwich or Spinnach-Onion Quiche

One piece of fruit

One egg


One pickle


Sybilla and Pendra present for 40 gentles:

A celebration of the apple, the robin and all that is good. May ye fill your belly with good food and your hearts with blessings for the year to come.

Bread and soft cheese. Please break bread with your fellow Lords and Ladys.

Onion and Leek soup. Ladled.

Venison with Cox's Orange pippins and purple carrots, served in a pastry cradle.

Stuffed pork loin roast, one slice.

Honey baked squash stuffed with fall harvest fruit and walnuts.

Choux pastries and cream. Pavlova

Wassail punch and Lady Wencenedel Tea.

Feast gear required; a spoon, knife, bowl, and hot liquid drinking vessel are recommended.

Pre-registration is welcome. $12 per person.


A variety of hot and cold beverages will be for sale throughout the event. This is a dry site.